Jai & Jai Studios Presents “Wrong Side Up”


You are invited to the premiere of Jai & Jai Gallery in Chinatown, Los Angeles where I am displaying my wares upside down to celebrate dyslexia, reverse psychiatry, and the long lost rewind button.  The gallery owners Jaitip and Jomjai  are both Srisomburananonts.  No that doesn’t mean Astronaut in Thai.  It is their last name.  Nor are they life partners.  They are sisters with their fingers on the pulse of the new design wave that is about to engulf your house like a tsunami!  But with positive affects that enhance your life like fun, functional design and none of the negative conotations assosiate with… well. . . never mind.

The point is you are invited to come see all of the carvings and details I have been hiding under my furniture without having to bend down and crawl on the floor.  I know that is really going to pull people in.  Come to my show you get to stand!  You also get to drink vodka with Izzy Soda’s plus wine, beer  and eat some snicky snacks.  Most importantly you get to see my furniture Wrong Side Up!

My elite team of Marshmallow Box Master Craftsman Cheeyoon Chun and Master Craftswoman Joyce Kim and are working very hard to bring you a whole batch of new and improved Recycled Oak Marshmallow boxes.  Joyce and I worked out a new walnut clasp that mimicks the splines I like to use in my furnature.  It is a little more work but isn’t it nice to know your marshmallow is well protected.

Ahww. . . These are heart play coasters being hugged by my Pollywog Table.  I designed them especially for the Jai & Jai Gallery because Jai means heart in Thai.  Not only will they protect your table from stains but they link together with simple half lap joints that you can create a plethora of different sculptures with.

Jai & Jai & Jameson.

Box that holds. . .

one marshmallow.

Look closely –  all of these Marshmallow Boxes are grain matched.  It was hard to keep them in order but we did it!

Look, it’s spring!  I caught a few of my escaped cloud pony benches polinating these cactus flowers that only bloom once a year.  This is really a photo of the Night Queen Cactus that grows next to my studio.  One day I was on the roof and I noticed this flower in the corner.  The crazy queen grew a branch two stories tall to reach the sun.  I hacked out this in photoshop.  Obviously I don’t know what I am doing.  However, I did get a pro to help me with Floating Cloud Pony Photo that was concieved of and executed by Matt Lee.  Thanks Matt!!!!!!

This is Jaitip holding a cereal breakfast tray designed by Chris Day.  Notice the rippled carving in the top that was all Chris Day in LA and the little x next to Jai’s hand, I helped a little too:)  I wanted to thank Chris Day and James Peterson for their help with the heart coasters!  Thanks Guys!  Plus Jaitip and Jomjai for being so great and offering me this opportunity to show my work all together!  Thanks Jais!  Finally, I want to thank Ford&Ching.  Some craftsmen hide how they make things and covet their techniques afraid that someone will steal them.  Not Ford&Ching.  They are the Craftspeople who share their knowledge to help others further their design.  Thank you Andrea and Willard for your unabiding support, encouragment and help!